Madame Secretary: Stop Making Sounds with Consonants and Vowels

Hubba-bubba and I bought the season pass to Madame Secretary when it was first available on Amazon Prime in the fall of 2014. Apparently, we were good guessers because when you buy a season pass based on the 1st episode, you don’t know if a show will be cancelled and you also don’t know if you’ll get a refund if it lasts only 6 episodes. But tonight, we’re watching the 22nd episode and we made a good guess. We made a good guess because it’s solid.

When tonight’s episode started, there were some flashbacks that made me think of Homeland. This is the opposite side of Homeland at least when it comes to American soil. We aren’t dealing with the CIA but mostly the administration and some politicians.  Madame Secretary doesn’t have the shock value that Homeland does and does so well but it has other good vignettes and some pretty significant moments. I’m not sure how accurate the policy and actions carried out are but it feels real. The storyline gives way to messiness. The decisions aren’t clear cut. The consequences are tough. The friendships are strained and death and betrayal aren’t isolated. It doesn’t wrap everything up in a bow. It strays from the norm. Kudos.

This episode in particular had some great quotes such as “it’s a weekday during business hours”, “lawyers are lubricants for complicated social intercourse”, and the title of this post, “stop making sounds with consonants and vowels”. To get them in context, watch episode 22 “There But For the Grace of God”

Tea Leoni and Tim Daly make a fantastic couple in Elizabeth and Henry McCord. There are who you would want in the positions that they hold. There are truly a power couple who you would actually want to know. Kevin Rahm, who plays Mike B. is a great addition to the cast. He’s funny and he’s so much more likable than his character in Mad Men.

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