The Killing: The Final Episode

In 2013, it was announced that the television show “The Killing” was canceled. I was devastated. You may ask how can one be devastated about a TV show. You may ask why one would care so much about a TV show. I don’t necessarily have those answers for you. But you may ask. Or you may not ask because you’re reading this blog and you get it. It left us without an ending. It was incomplete. At least if I have the heads up that something may end abruptly, it’s a little easier to follow but I never expect it with quality storytelling.

However, Netflix saved the day when they announced that would make the final season of the show. Such excited filled my veins. Last year, that season happened after months of waiting and it was fantastic. I  may have watched the last 20 minutes of the finale 3-4 times. That’s because the ending was perfect. The story line surrounding the case was good as usual. It was unpredictable, layered, tortured and more of the good elements that you expect from a crime drama. The lives of Linden and Holder (the main detectives) are just as good maybe better than the cases because we’ve been with them over 4 seasons. They’ve had tough lives, encountered gritty situations, had their integrity tested, had their instincts checked and re-checked, and they’ve overcome and fallen. I loved the ending. It wasn’t too ambiguous but also wasn’t wrapped up in a bow and I think a show of such complexity deserves to end like that. Kudos to the cast, creators, and Netflix!

In a previous post about The Killing, I wrote the below:

“…I find myself thinking about “The Killing”. Season 1 was mind blowing. My biggest take away from it is what happens when lies build on top of lies on top of lies. Sometimes it starts off as little white lie but when you have to lie to cover another lie and then it builds and it begins to snowball really bad things can happen. I think we’ve all probably had that happen to or around us. I think it especially is hurtful and harmful when the initial truth may have not been that hard to tell in the first place.”

I’d recommend it if you think you can handle the content.

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