This is Us,

This Is Us 4.14 – The Cabin

February 21, 2020

Join us for the Season 4, Episode 14 ‘This Is Us’ episode – “The Cabin”. In the past, the elementary-age three (Randall, Kevin, and Kate) are with Rebecca and Jack at the cabin. Jack decides that they are all going to put something in a time capsule to be dug up in five years time. In the college age timeline, Kate and Marc’s tumultuous relationship continues as they argue at the cabin and Marc puts Kate in a dangerous situation. Rebecca, Kevin, and Randall soon join them to discover what’s been happening.  In the present, Kate, Kevin, and Randall meet up at the cabin to discuss each other’s struggles and Rebecca. They dig up the time capsule. Toby stays in L.A. with Baby Jack. In the future, we see future Kevin and a dream house of sorts.

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